Learning Friends

Learning Friends are parents, guardians and grandparents who volunteer to share their love of reading with young students. Each Learning Friend reads one on one with a specific child for 45 minutes a week.
We offer as much flexibility as possible to find a day of the week and time that works for every individual volunteer. Once a time slot is chosen, it is important to be consistent in showing up for duty, because a young reader will be looking forward to time with you! To volunteer, please log on to the Learning Friends page on Konstella.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learning Friends?
Learning Friends are volunteers who come to school on a weekly basis to share a love of reading with children. These parents, guardians and grandparents read one on one with a student outside the classroom.

When/how often?
45 minutes once a week during the school day.
We offer as much flexibility as possible in finding a day of the week and time that works for every individual volunteer.
First period, 8:20-9:05, tends to be the most available for both adults and students.

Being a consistent element in the learning experience of a young reader is incredibly rewarding and also means that scheduling consistency is important. These kids will be looking forward to seeing you!

Who will I be reading with?

Teachers select kids who will especially benefit from more opportunities to read one on one with an adult. Each Learning Friend will be paired with one student for the entire year. Parents will not be matched with students from their own child’s class.

What is the age range of the children?
Kindergarten, first and second graders are currently participating in the program.

What will a session be like?
The Learning Friend will pop his/her head into the classroom to get the student’s attention. The student will grab a bag of books and head out to a nook in the school (the hall, library, etc.) to read. The vibe is like a bedtime story—the undivided attention of an adult, conversation, goofiness, all revolving around the magic of books and reading. Sometimes the student will read to you, sometimes you will read to him/her. The Learning Friend then returns the student to the classroom when the 45 minutes are up.

How will I know what to do?
We have a short training session for all Learning Friend volunteers. If you can read with your own child, you can be a Learning Friend. We leave the technical teaching of reading to the professionals. Our goal is make reading a special and fun experience.

How/when do I communicate with the teacher? 

The teacher will guide you on the best way to reach him/her, most likely through email or a note in the mailbox. Feel free to jot down any questions or comments, but no need to report on routine sessions. We aim to be fairly stealthy and to not disrupt the regular workings of the school.

What if I can’t make it one week? 
No need to get a sub, just let the teacher know in advance so your buddy will know not to expect you.

Have more questions?

Contact Susie Jen for more information.