District 15 Schools

When you receive your child’s Middle School application, there will be a list of schools that you are eligible to apply to (see below.) You will be asked to rank the schools you are interested in. We advise you to research and visit as many schools as possible. You can find information about the schools on their websites, www.insideschools.org (an independent guide to NYC public schools. Searchable by school, the site also includes feedback from children and parents) and in the Middle School Directory (available sometime in September/October 2012.) Remember – only rank schools that you would be willing to send your child to. If you select it, they may match your child to the school.

Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies, MS 448
Brooklyn School for Global Studies MS 429
Charles O. Dewey MS 136
MS 447
Carroll Gardens School for Innovation MS 442
New Voices School for Academic and Creative Arts MS 443
Park Slope Collegiate MS464
Park Slope Education Complex at MS 88
School for International Studies MS 497
Sunset Park Preparatory School MS 821
William Alexander MS 51

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