Middle School Information for 4th Grade Parents

Middle School Tours
Please do not sign-up for middle school tours when your child is in 4th grade. The tours for 5th grade students only. They have limited spots and fill up quickly. It is important that 4th grade families don’t take spots meant for 5th grade families.

Absences and Late Arrivals
Although your child is only in 4th grade, there is an important aspect of the middle school process you should think about for this year.

Middle Schools look closely at the number of absences and late arrivals. Absences and late arrivals are coded as “excused” and “unexcused.” For middle school applications, it is better to have these instances coded as “excused.” (Regular attendance and arriving at school on time are ALWAYS CRITICAL for student success in all grades.) Please remember the following for this year:

  • Only keep your child home from school if they are sick.
  • If they are sick, please call in to report the absence. Also, send in a note the following day. If you take your child to the doctor, ask the doctor to write a note.
  • Please be at school on time. Middle Schools feel that if you can’t be on time to your zoned school, you will be late traveling to a school that is not necessarily close to your home. If your child is late due to a doctor’s appointment, please ask the doctor’s office for a note.
  • Please keep copies of notes from you or the doctor. In 5th grade, I will ask for copies of these notes for your child’s middle school file. In some cases you will need to bring them to Middle School interviews.

NYC Schools Account
If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for the NYC School Account. This account will allow you to verify your contact information and review absences and late arrivals. If you need to make any changes or need information on how to gain access to your account, please e-mail Heather Damon at hdamon@schools.nyc.gov or call 718.499.2054 x1031. Corrections to absences and late arrivals for 4th grade must be made by the end of the current school year. Changes cannot be made in 5th grade.

Important Documents
Along with the absence notes, you should also keep the final 4th grade report card in a safe place. You will be reminded in June to keep and make multiple copies of the 4th grade report card as you may need them in 5th grade. Some of the Citywide Middle Schools or Private Schools may ask for copies of the report cards.

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Damon at 718.499.2054 x1031 or e-mail

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