Outings for Kids – Auction Items 2016

Party Time for Kids

Afterschool Playtime with Ms. Tamara Play games of your choice with Ms. Tamara in the classroom afterschool. For you and two of your friends. Open to 4th & 5th graders only.

Art Parties
“Art Party” for 1 hour for up to 6 kids 1st grades and up. The theme will be your choice of bookmaking, collage, drawing, cartooning or a combination. It will be hosted by Risa Johnson at her home studio near PS 107. http://www.risajohnson.com

“Art Party” for 1 ½ hours for up to 4 kids hosted by Ms. Grace (Markham) from Afterschool at her home near PS 107. Kids can choose to do a painting, sculpture or collage project.

Barbecue and Karaoke Gift Card to Dinosaur Barbecue in Gowanus and a 1 hour private karaoke room at Insa.

Berkeley Carroll Indoor Swim Party
Pool party for up to 20 Kids on a Saturday from 1-2 pm from September through July. Use of a classroom for one hour after the party for birthday cake, etc. included.

Brooklyn Zoo Gym One hour class for up to 10 kids at Brooklyn Zoo Gym’s Williamsburg training facility. Services include the art forms of parkour, ninja warrior training, trampoline, tumbling, tricking, dance and more. http://www.brooklynzoony.com

Chocolate Works Birthday Party A 2-hour party for up to 10 kids including a lesson in chocolate making and using chocolate factory machines at the Brooklyn Heights store. Paper goods, invitations, pizza (one slice per child), water and juice included. https://www.chocolateworks.com

Cooking Class for Kids A cooking class for up to six kids in your home taught by Melissa Vaughan, author of “The New Brooklyn Cookbook” and “Made in Brooklyn”. Melissa will work with the auction winner to decide on a kid-friendly dish like Veggie-ful Croissants, Mini Frittatas or Cold Sesame Noodles with Chicken and Veggies. Food included.

Graphic Novel Party with Author/Illustrator, George O’Connor Author/Illustrator George O’Connor will give a reading and drawing lesson for up to 8 kids at the home or other Park Slope venue hosted by the auction winner. The author will also provide signed books. This event is geared to 4th and 5th graders. See http://www.facebook.com/georgeolympians, http://www.georgeoconnorbooks.com

Jane’s Carousel Use 50 free tickets toward a do-it-yourself birthday party or just a fun day out at Jane’s Carousel. http://janescarousel.com

Melinda’s Children’s Parties NYC Face Painting Party 1.5 Hour Face Painting Party for up to 20 Kids at home or other NYC venue hosted by the auction winner. Melinda’s Children’s Parties NYC provides premier face painting for kid’s parties in NYC and at the Eloise Store in the Plaza Hotel. See http://www.ChildrensPartiesNYC.com

Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club Outdoor Pool Party Pool Party for up to 20 Kids at Sheepshead Bay Yacht Club (11-12 or 2-3). Lifeguard included. Pizza and drinks provided. Holidays excluded. See http://sheepsheadbayyc.com

Story Pirates Mainstage Performance As the Park Slope Reader puts it, “The Story Pirates won’t give you scurvy or make you walk the plank; however, they will challenge your child’s imagination and prove that his or her words are powerful tools that are worth celebrating.” Everything the Story Pirates perform is based on a story written by a kid. Story Pirates will schedule a date to perform your child’s story and provide writing guidelines. Or, you and five guests can just go enjoy a Story Pirates Flagship show on select Saturday afternoons in midtown Manhattan. http://storypirates.org

Upper West Side Outing 4 General Admission Passes to the American Museum of Natural History and a $50 Gift Card to Shake Shack.

Weekend with Ms. Diane! Enjoy a carefree weekend away while your child is in great hands with the one and only Ms. DIANE! You can drop your kids off at school and Friday morning and skip off for a long weekend while Ms. Diane takes care of them until Sunday evening. This is a unique and incredible experience for you and YOUR KIDS!

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