It’s 7:30am and 12 tables are set up in the 4th floor library at PS 107.
1 table has 6 kids, 2 tables have 3 kids, 4 tables have 5 kids, and 5 tables have 4 kids.
Half the kids are in grades K-2, the other half 3-5. Half of each grade wear blue shirts, the others wear gold.

How many blue-shirted kids under 7 years old are there*?

The 50+ kids that show up to MathMagic! each Wednesday morning enthusiastically work in teams to tackle challenging math puzzlers. They excitedly apply old and new skills to math games. They happily receive MathBucks** which they earn through homework, participation, and accomplishment.

Excitement over math work early in the morning may sound like a highly incredulous claim, but we invite you to come see it with your own eyes!

When you do, you’ll see kids rising to each challenge and thriving off of high expectations. They show pride as they explain their thinking to the team or as they help others along with a piece of the puzzle. Joy flashes across their faces when progress clicks and new connections are made.

Organized by the PTA Math Committee, PS 107’s Math Super Stars complements the work children are doing in class, with further emphasis on skill building and math facts. Kids are loosely grouped by grade and supported by volunteer-parent group leaders. The program is based on the Singapore math curriculum, and provides in-class puzzlers which are intended to challenge each student to the best of his or her ability.

MathMagic is open to all PS 107 kids regardless of math level.

*Answer key: 52 kids total, 26 in grades K-2, 13 of them in blue shirts

**MathBucks are dollar-like paper bills the Superstars collect every week and will redeem for math treasure at points throughout the year.

Sample K/1 Puzzler
Sample 2/3 Puzzler


Math Superstars is structured to be engaging and fun, but it is undoubtedly an academically- driven enrichment program.
All student participants are expected to commit to the program, which means:

  • consistent weekly attendance
  • showing up on time and being ready to go
  • in class participation
  • completing assigned homework
  • working independently in their workbook