Library Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the school community with a wide range of materials on appropriate levels of difficulty that will encourage growth in knowledge, establish a life-long love of reading, and foster information literacy. The Library also provides readers with the intellectual and physical access to resources for a wide range of abilities and differing points of view. The Library expresses intellectual access as the right to read, receive and express ideas, and to acquire skills to seek out, explore, and examine ideas. Physical access includes being able to locate and retrieve information unimpeded by fees, within the age limit of our school community. We encourage parents to please visit the Library catalog by clicking on the Resources tab on the school website:


Collection Policy

Our library book collection is based on 80 percent of student recommendations, 15 percent of Librarian’s research via trade magazines like Horn Book or School Library Journal and 5 percent are teacher/parent recommendations.

The Library has a responsibility to serve our entire school community, which services ages 4 to 11. Children have access to our entire collection. We also encourage parents to review their child’s book selections with them and discuss the contents of the book.


Borrowing Books

Kindergarten and First Graders: one book for one week.
Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Graders: two books for two weeks.


Library Online Catalog

Click the link below to search for any book in the school library:
Library Online Catalog


Lost or Damaged Books

If a book is damaged or lost, we ask parents to pay for the book’s via a personal check made out to PS 107.  A letter will go home that states the title of the book and its replacement cost.


Author Visits

PS 107 Library welcomes authors to our school! On average, we have two or three authors visit our school each year. If you know of someone who is an author who would like to visit our school or if you have a suggestion for an author, please have them contact the Librarian, Peg Galella, at


Questions or Concerns

Please contact the Librarian, Peg Galella at or phone 718 499-2054, ext 4022.