Each year, we host a Curriculum Night in September. Your child’s teacher will detail the plans and a schedule for the year as well as the procedures for many important class routines. The meeting will provide an overview of the grade’s curriculum and activities and address your questions. You will also be able to meet with your child’s specialty teachers and service providers (for students with IEPs). A schedule for the evening will be sent home once school begins.

English Language Arts (ELA)

PS 107 uses balanced literacy program to cultivate students’ reading, writing, thinking, speaking and listening skills. Children receive direct instruction in reading, writing and word study each day. Our teachers work closely with a Teachers’ College Reading and Writing Project staff developer, who helps them provide children with the opportunity to practice reading and writing in many different genres, such as narrative texts, nonfiction, and poetry. All classes hold regular publishing celebrations to mark the end of a unit of study. Parents are invited to share in these celebrations to hear students read their work and learn more about the writing program in their class. Most teachers/classes participate in “Reading Buddies” with lower or upper grade classes. The Reading Buddies program allows children to mentor and learn from each other.


Mathematics instruction is a process-based program that encourages children to see math in everyday situations. We use the TERC Investigations program and supplement it with Exemplars and EngageNY problem-solving units. Students at every grade level explore math topics through hands-on activities with math manipulatives, group discussion, and individual work. The curriculum is designed to help students think like mathematicians and to solve problems in a variety of situations. The math curriculum is further complemented by the Dreambox online math app, for which all students have a unique login that allows our teachers to track their progress.

The Arts

We have a full-time visual art teacher, Ms. Julie, and full-time music teacher, Mr. DiFranco, as well as arts residencies for each grade sponsored by the PTA. The Arts Committee also helps teachers arrange class visits to museums, dramatic performances and other cultural institutions throughout the year to enrich classroom studies. Additionally, The Art Committee  organizes Art Day, a Saturday of free artmaking workshops and performances for the PS 107 community every December.

Social Studies

Children learn about peoples and cultures close to home and around the world, past and present. PS 107 follows the sequence of social studies topics recommended by the New York Department of Education. Field trips to local institutions are an integral part of our social studies curriculum. The 4th Grade Student Spending Project allows our students in grades 2-5 to take part in a school-wide participatory budgeting experience, similar to what many local governments have enacted. Heritage Day is a school-wide Saturday celebration of the many cultures represented by our school community.


Students from grades 3 through 5 enjoy science twice each week in the 4th floor science lab with our upper-grade science teacher, Mr. Tomsik. Students in grades K through 2 will study science with their classroom teacher. The upper grade science teacher coordinates our Trout in the Classroom program, in which students raise trout from eggs and learn about the freshwater ecosystem, as well as many other programs. The PTA-run Sunshine Garden complements aspects of the science curriculum. Students learn about plant cycles, food systems, environmental challenges, etc., as they plant, maintain, and harvest the edible garden. Each grade enjoys hands-on science field trips that enhance classroom studies. The Science Committee organizes our annual STEM Day, a Saturday of science and technology workshops open to the PS 107 community.


All students will have extended sessions of computer science, with our full-time technology teacher, Ms. Marybeth. Technology is taught as a tool to support and enhance the curriculum. Students use the Internet for research and developing presentations. Older students will continue to learn basic coding. In the younger grades, we use technology to support the development of literacy and math skills. All grades will use Dreambox, an online mathematics program, to supports our school-wide math goals.


Our library is on the school’s 4th Floor and is managed by our librarian, Ms. Mullen, with assistance from parents on the Library Committee. The librarian also organizes Author Visits by children’s authors for all classes several times each year.

Physical Education

Our full-time physical educator, Ms. Diane, teaches the Physical Best curriculum, emphasizing participation in a wide variety of enjoyable physical activities (traditional sports, non-traditional sports, and fitness activities), making opportunities to remain active for lifelong health and wellness. The NYC Fitnessgram is used to assess students in a series of exercises that measure components of health-related fitness, including body composition, muscular strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, and aerobic capacity. Students also participate in the NY Road Runners Mighty Milers program, in which students log the miles they run or walk during gym with a goal of up to 4 marathons by yearend. Students in grades 1-5 will participate in two gym classes per week at the Park Slope Armory. Kindergarten students will have one gym class in the big yard each week, 2nd grade students will also participate in 45 minutes of weekly swim instruction for ten weeks at the Prospect Park YMCA.