Class Trip Volunteer guidelines


In order to keep all of the children safe and provide the teachers with the assitance they need on school trips, we have established Trip Volunteer Guidelines. For more information about specific trips for your child(ren)’s class, please log in to Konstella.

-Chaperones must be available for the duration of the trip. They must accompany students on the bus TO and FROM the   school.

-Chaperones must arrive for the trip on time. The teacher will let you know what time to meet.

-Chaperones must understand and help their children understand that they are there to help ALL of the children, not just   their own children.

-Chaperones may be assigned to a small group of children.Please be sure to stay with that group AT ALL TIMES.

-Please follow the teacher’s directions.They need your support at at all times during the trip.

-When boarding the school bus, please help students locate and buckle their seat belts.ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR SEAT   BELTS.

-Chaperones may be asked to accompany students to the bathroom. Please follow the teacher’s directive on bathroom   use.

-Please assist the teacher when s/he needs the student’s attention.

-Please do not have conversations with other chaperones when the teacher or trip guide is speaking.

-The children will likely have their own line buddies for the trip. The teachers will let you know if they should stay with their   line buddies for the duration of the trip.

-Please model the behavior we want and expect our students to exhibit in public.