Bell Schedule

Morning Arrival

School starts at 8:20 am
Free breakfast is available to all children in the cafeteria from 7:45 to 8:15am.
Kindergarten:  arrival 8:15am; 13th St. Yard (Escorted upstairs by parents until Sept. 23rd, if needed)
Grade 1          :  arrival 8:15am; 13th St. Yard (Students enter on their own)
Grades 2-5    :   arrival 8:10am; Students line up in the 14th Street “Big Yard” (enter at 8:10 AM)

ON TIME arrival to school is crucial to your child’s education and well-being at school. Please make every
effort to arrive on time. Big Yard doors will close at 8:20am and the school bell will ring. Side doors will
close by 8:30am. If students are not yet at school, they will need to be escorted to the main entrance on
8th Avenue.

Parents in the Classroom in the Mornings

Parents may escort kindergarten and 1st grade children to class on the first day of school. Kindergarten
parents may continue (but do not have to) escort their children to class until September 20th. After
escorting children to their classes, all parents should leave the classroom at the starting bell, at 8:20am.
Parents who linger in the classroom in the morning are a huge distraction to students, as well as the
teacher, at a critical time when the children need to transition. Beginning September 25th, parents need
to drop their Kindergarten children at the 13th St. doors to walk to the classrooms independently. They
will be accompanied by their teachers until Friday, Sept. 29th, when they will be expected to come to
classrooms independently. If you or your child has a problem with separating, please speak to the
teacher about how best to handle the transition.


Children must be picked up by a parent/guardian or designated adult. Adult must be either listed on the
Emergency Contact Card or approved for pickup via note to the teacher and/or main office. The adult
picking up must bring a photo ID. Children must say goodbye before leaving, notifying the teacher that a
parent/guardian has arrived. Teachers must be informed in advance of any alternate pick up plans. At
2:45pm, any child not picked up will be brought to the main office. Half-day dismissal is at noon.


If you are picking up your child early from school, it’s best to pick up in between periods.

1st Period: 8:20 – 9:10
2nd Period: 9:15 – 10:05
3rd Period: 10:10 – 11:00
4th Period: 11:05 – 11:55 (lunch for K & 5th grade)
5th Period: 12:00 – 12:50 (lunch for 1st & 4th grade)
6th Period: 12:55 – 1:45 (lunch for 2nd & 3rd grade)
7th Period: 1:50 – 2:40